The Pine. Jean-Michel Point hosts the UNC meal

The members of the National Union of Combatants (UNC), local section, recently gathered at the Jean-Monnet hall for a picnic. Finally, we say picnic but it is rather a famous meal prepared by Michaël Kinet, from La Fontaine-Fleurie.

The president, Léopold Airaud, welcomed us with these few words: Hello everyone, delighted to meet you for our traditional picnic which brings together 54 guests. Note the belote competition which will take place on November 18. We will now observe a minute of silence in memory of those who have passed away. The meal then took place in a joyful atmosphere, punctuated by the sound of Jean-Michel Point’s trumpet. As a reminder, the musician had played during the religious ceremony of December 5 in the Notre-Dame du Pin church. This did not prevent singers and storytellers from also enlivening the meal. Then, place to the games of belote for some and stroll for the others.

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