The Portuguese have played the most, the Qataris the least

Media365 editorial staff, published on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7:10 p.m.

Among the selections qualified for the World Cup, the players of Portugal accumulate a maximum of playing time.

FIFPro, the professional footballers’ union, produced an interesting report on Tuesday. It concerns the number of minutes accumulated by all players participating in the World Cup since the start of the current season (and until October 24). And they were classified according to their nationalities.

The selection that has the most matches in the legs before going to Qatar is Portugal. The Lusitanians are at 30,986 minutes in all. In this ranking, they are successively ahead of the Brazilians and the Germans. France, it only points to 7th position (27,948 minutes) behind the Netherlands (5th) and England (6th). This is perhaps a good sign in relation to the freshness that it will be able to display during the competition.

At the opposite extreme we find the host country, Qatar. Its representatives are only 2,150 minutes played in 2022/2023. They are preceded by Tunisians (30th) and Saudis (31st).

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