“The Powerless Territories”, a hard-hitting book on life by Ghizlaine Chraibi

Psychotherapist, painter and author of several novels, Ghizlaine Chraibi presents her latest novel “The impotent territories” to Editions maelstrom revolution. In this book, she tells the story of the duo, Nezli-Toulai and Eliel. Nezli-Toulaï is the widow of an ill-matched marital team that lasted more than a lifetime. A scathing illness has just condemned any hope of recovering his lost years. Out of spite, she abandons her apartment and arrives with a small suitcase on the step of a greenhouse, thinking to die with dignity on the roof of this vintage building.

Eliel, a loner in his thirties, is already squatting there. Writer and photographer, voluntarily withdrawn from the forest of men, he frequents only the prostitute on the fourth floor. Will he let the old lady in? Will she prevail? Will they for a moment weave what they would have missed so much? A fragment of life made of reinvented filial complicity, in competition all the same with the disease. A precise writing, with chiseled feelings.

A cynical and tender “New Wave” story, where human relationships are put under the microscope. This touching book calls us to calm down, to be in humility instead of continuing to agitate ourselves but also to know our limits while exploring them to the maximum “, explains the author who has, as usual, set out to finely tie up the relational mechanics between these unusual characters.

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