the price of tickets shocks his fans

She’s reigned over pop for 40 years. And Madonna has no intention of giving up his crown! Whereas Beyonce was a hit with his album Renaissance and that Rihanna has finally announced her return after giving birth to her first child, the Queen of Pop does not intend to leave the field to her young colleagues. At 64, the singer, who is working on a biopic about his own life, announced on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 a new world tour. baptized Celebration Tour, this series of concerts will be an opportunity for the singer (that Carole Bouquet curried for her multiple operations), to revisit 40 years of essential hits, like a virginat hung up Passing by The isla bonita, vogue, Music or like a prayer.

Truth or Dare

I’m excited to explore as many songs as possible in hopes of giving my fans the show they’ve been waiting for.“Madonna said in a press release shared on its official website. Queen of Pop, but also queen of communication, the singer also posted a video on his Instagram page, of which it had previously erased all the content, in order to announce the event. Taking up a cult scene from the documentary film In bed with Madonnashe plays Truth or Dare with some friends. We recognize in particular the actor Jack Blackdirector Judd Apatowthe rapper lil wayne or the actress Amy Schumer, which challenges Madonna to go on tour again to sing her four decades of hits. A challenge that Our Lady takes up without hesitation!

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Fans shocked by ticket prices

If the announcement of this Celebration Tour provoked a wave of enthusiastic reactions among the singer’s fans, one subject, on the other hand, totally cooled them: the price of tickets! If they will not be put on sale until Friday January 20 at 10 a.m., the prices have already circulated on the Internet… and they are exorbitant! For the two concerts on November 12 and 13, 2023 at the Accor Arena, the 45.40 euros that will have to be paid for a category 4 seat remain affordable. But categories 2 and 1 will be priced at 133.50 euros and 276.50 euros respectively, while seats in the gold square are sold at 386.50 euros. Even to attend the standing concert, tickets will be 194 euros for the normal pit and 276.50 euros for the gold pit. Maddening prices, not to say prohibitive, which caused an outcry among Madonna fans. The latter did not fail to react on Twitter. “The prices of the categories, it hurts“, writes Alex, while Yo exclaims, not without humor: “When I saw the prices of the tickets I thought I had a stroke!“As for Fabio The Hero, he”hesitates between robbing a bank or selling a kidney to buy a place on Madonna’s Celebration Tour!“As funny as he is pragmatic, Bastien Collignon challenges Bruno Lemaire to ask him”when will the ‘pop icon’ inflation check?

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However, this is not an isolated case: indeed, fans have been complaining about the price of concert tickets for years. Already, in 2013, admirers of Celine Dion protested against the price of tickets for her shows at Bercy. In 2022, it’s the fans of blackpink and The Weeknd who rose up for the same reason. However, each time, passion is stronger than reason and the concerts are systematically sold out. Because it is well known: when we love, we do not count?

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