the prices and photos of the three models revealed before the hour

Two weeks before the presentation of its Galaxy S23, Samsung seems to have failed to keep the secret until the end. While we don’t yet know everything about its phones, we now have the high definition renders available along with the alleged prices, in dollars, of the three devices.

Samsung will present its new Galaxy S23 on February 1st. We hope that the Korean manufacturer still has some surprises in store for us, as there is so much information about them on the web. Check out the HD images of the products and their dollar prices today.

The Galaxy S23 long, wide and across

It had to happen. After weeks of leaks of all kinds, it is now the renderings intended for the press that have been shared on the web by the famous “leaker”. @evleaks. At this stage, it seems difficult to have more detailed images since the three Galaxy S23 models are presented from all angles and in all colors.

We are not going to dwell on the design of the phones, which is similar to that of the Galaxy S22, with one notable difference: the modules of the S23 and S23+ are no longer integrated into a camera block, but simply aligned horizontally, as on the “Ultra” model. The latter keeps more angular lines than those of its little brothers. We let you enjoy the images in the gallery below:

The wallpapers used represent the Moon. A choice that is not insignificant insofar as Samsung will highlight the photo quality of its new high-end smartphones, particularly nocturnal shots and astrophotography. We also note the presence of the S-Pen which will make full use of the large diagonal of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The dollar prices of the three models

On Twitter, the “leakers” are having a field day in recent weeks. This time it’s @RGcloudS which shares the prices of the different variants of the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra. The prices are not in euros, but this gives a good overview of the price positioning that Samsung could choose:

  • Galaxy S23 price
    • 8 + 128 GB: $799
    • 8 + 256 GB: $849
  • Galaxy S23+ price
    • 8 + 128 GB: $999
    • 8 + 256 GB: $1049
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra price :
    • 8 + 256 GB: $1249
    • 12 + 512 GB: $1349
    • 12 + 1 TB: $1499

The presence of the 128 GB versions on the S23 and S23+ goes against a previous rumor announcing the disappearance of this storage capacity across the entire range. The prices above do indeed indicate the end of the 128GB version, but only for the “Ultra” model.

Compared to the S22s, only the Galaxy S23 Ultra would suffer a price increase, which Samsung could justify by increasing the minimum storage capacity. A logical price positioning given the unfavorable economic situation of the smartphone market. Indeed, economic tensions lead consumers to renew their phones less.

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By choosing not to increase the prices of certain models, Samsung would adopt a strategy similar to that of Apple and its iPhone in certain markets (the United States and China), to the detriment of other continents, such as Europe. It remains to be seen whether the Korean manufacturer will apply a “1 dollar = 1 euro” ratio or whether we will suffer a price increase on the Old Continent.

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