The Queen of Denmark ends her jubilee after the falling out with her youngest son

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark completed the ceremonies of her 50-year jubilee on Saturday, an opportunity for the sovereign to reunite her entire family after a public discord with her youngest son Prince Joachim.

Very popular among Danes, the monarch made a horse-drawn carriage ride through central Copenhagen and participated in a ceremony organized in her honor at City Hall, two events that had been postponed due to the death of Elizabeth II in early September. .

Now the last queen to reign in Europe, the 82-year-old sovereign came to the balcony of the town hall to greet a small crowd of around 1,500 people gathered in the capital’s main square.

“Family means a lot to our queen and I think it’s very important for princes that the family be together. In all families there are differences and they will find a solution, I am sure safe,” Margit Lauritzen, a retiree from Esbjerg in the west of the country, told AFP.

After several years without any apparent crisis, the Danish royal family offered itself a rare conflict this fall.

At the end of September, the queen announced that she would withdraw the princely titles from the four children of her youngest son, prince Joachim, officially to allow them to better stand on their own two feet.

Their father and his wife, Princess Marie, experienced it as a snub and expressed their bitterness in the press.

Both were present, however, a sign of the family’s desire to move forward.

“It’s important to (us) show that even if there have been quarrels, we can see each other and find a solution”, approves Theresa Bengtsson, who came to see the queen with her two children.

Margrethe II had expressed regret for the pain felt by her grandchildren but maintained her decision.

“A disagreement appeared in my family, it is not original, because in many families, disagreements occur over time. There, it happened in my family”, had commented to him at the end of October the crown prince Frederik .

The festivities are therefore an opportunity to close the chapter, at least in appearance.

“An essential part of the work of a modern European royal family is to unite the nation. And the precondition is to show this capacity for unity in public,” the historian told AFP. royalty Lars Hovbakke Sørensen.

According to a survey by Voxmeter, 50.6% of Danes support the Queen’s decision and 23.3% consider it bad.


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