The rant of Martine, Jonathann’s mother

While the TV movie “Le Mystère Daval” is broadcast on TF1 on September 12, Jonathann Daval’s mother, Martine Henry, bangs her fist on the table. She does not accept the distribution of the film…

A new TV movie retracing the Daval affair is broadcast on September 12, on TF1. In the cast of Mystery Daval ? Maud Baecker, also seen in Tomorrow Belongs To Us, embodies Alexia Daval, Liam Baty slips into the skin of Jonathann Daval, Thierry Neuvic plays Captain Dacosta, in charge of the investigation, while Michèle Bernier embodies the mother of Alexia Daval. But Martine Henry, mother of Jonathann Daval, murderer of Alexia Daval who confessed to killing his wife in 2017, is totally opposed to the broadcast of this TV movie. “My son is not a freak“, she told The Republican East.

The Daval affair adapted on the small screen: the mother of Jonathann Daval opposes it

I don’t agree with this movie story, and Jonathann doesn’t agree either. I would like all that to stop… We’re fed up. Jonathann has been judged, he will serve his sentence, let him be left in peace. It’s shameful, it’s indecent. Really, we must leave people in peace, and the dead too“, added the mother of Jonathann Daval, who was sentenced in November 2021 to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife.

According to Martine Henry, the broadcast of this TV movie is “dangerous” for his son. Currently imprisoned in the central house of Ensisheim, in Alsace, Jonathann Daval has already been threatened and insulted by other prisoners when he was in the Dijon remand center.

A mini-series on the Daval affair

For their part, the Gaumont studios – which bought the rights to the book Alexia, our daughter (Ed. Robert Laffont), co-written by Alexia Daval’s parents, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot – are preparing a 6 episode mini-series which should retrace the Daval affair from the young woman’s meeting with Jonathann Daval when she was 16, to her death thirteen years later. “We don’t want to forbid making a film, that they talk about their daughter in a good way, yes, but without talking about Jonathann or the trial“, she clarified.

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