the relatives of Charlene of Monaco deny a stubborn rumor

Chantell, the sister-in-law of Charlene of Monaco denied in several media a rumor about a move of the parents of the princess not far from Monaco.

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Last Thursday, January 12, the DailyMail reported that Lynette and Michael Wittstock, the parents of Princess Charlene of Monaco – who currently live in Bonani, South Africa – were planning to move to France in order to settle near the Prince’s Palace of Monaco with Prince Albert and their children, Gabriella and Jacques.

Charlene’s parents “do not intend to move to Monaco”

According to the website News24this rumor was finally denied by the relatives of Charlene of Monaco, in particular her sister-in-law, Chantell who admits that all this is “totally false”. According to her, the parents of the princess “are still in Benoni” and further : They have not moved and they have no intention of moving to Monaco.” However, Prince Albert’s companion still maintains a strong bond with her parents, as royal family expert Bertrand Deckers points out to : “Her parents Lynette and Michael live very close to her, since they have a house in La Turbie. Charlène of Monaco sees them very often. When she returned from Switzerland, they had lunch together every day at Roc Agel.”

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Charlene of Monaco hospitalized in South Africa

South Africa is no stranger to Charlene of Monaco, having been born there in 1978, but also for health reasons. In 2021, the young woman had been placed in a specialized institution following an infection of the ENT area. According to the media Page Six, Charlène would have undergone several operations which would have caused her a colossal weight loss. “She hasn’t been able to eat solid food for over six months because of all the surgeries she’s had. She could only absorb liquid through a straw, so she lost almost half her weight. Charlene isn’t losing her mind or having serious mental health issues, she’s just exhausted from six months of surgery and an inability to eat properly because of it,” a source close to the princess told the media.

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