The release of the HomePod 2023 is a boon for the Mini version

Apple just introduced this week his new HomePod. Taking up the design and the vast majority of the features of the 2019 version, the device is sold by the Apple brand for €349. A price that may scare some people, unable to turn to the HomePod mini and its 109 €.

Especially since the technical sheet of the smaller of the two speakers will be entitled to some changes. Indeed a future update of the HomePod software is in preparation on the Cupertino side, it should bring several new features.

HomePod mini: the big winner

Among the changes, the HomePod mini will now be able to measure the temperature or the humidity level of a room. The connected speaker has since its release a sensor that can measure this data, but functionality had been voluntarily put on hold by Apple.

With the arrival of this update, it will be possible to create automations with your HomePod mini by taking the temperature and/or the humidity level of a room as a reference value. For example, if the HomePod mini placed in your living room detects that the temperature drops below 19 ° C, a simple automation can make it turn on a connected socket, connected to a radiator.

Two other new features

In addition to this new sensor which will become active in a few days, Apple should launch other features in the HomePod mini. The “Find My” application or locate in French will also make its arrival on the small connected speaker. It will allow direct use of Siri to request the last known location of an attached iCloud family member.

Apple is also launching Audio Tuning. This solution will optimize the listening of certain audio content. For example, the sound quality will be different between listening to a podcast and more energetic music. HomePod update 16.3 should be available in the next few days.

HomePod mini at the best price Base price: €109

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