The Ruina Fairy tale of the Forgotten Ruins “Concept” trailer revealed!

Today, Kadokawa Games unveiled the brand new “Concept” trailer for Ruina: Fairy Tale of the Forgotten Ruins. The trailer offers some nice visuals that we invite you to discover below.

Concept Trailer

The trailer was first shown at Tokyo Game Show 2022, where the remake was announced. It contains only illustrations, and no actual game footage.

The story of Ruina: Fairy tale of the Forgotten Ruins

In this game, players travel through vast ruins in a fantasy world against the backdrop of medieval Europe. Unlike classic RPGs, the game’s story unfolds in a “choose your own adventure” text-based format, and the player’s puzzle-solving and development decisions play a major role, which which can lead to multiple scenarios.

Since its initial release, the game now has multiple language translations. In addition, a two-volume novelization by Kadokawa was also released in 2018.

The remake will retain the charm of the original game, while offering improved graphics, UI improvements and operability, additional storylines, and other enhancements.

Development is provided by the Chinese subsidiary of Kadokawa mentioned above, Guangzhou Tianwen Kadokawa Animation and Comics.

Ruina: Fairy Tale of the Forgotten Ruins will be released on PC via Steam, with no release date announced.

To learn more about this game or this license, you can also follow this link!

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