The SAE Institute Europe sets up in 5 major French cities

The boom experienced by theaudiovisual industryand the location of the campuses within the largest French cities, namely Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes and Toulouse, will allow students and learners of SAE Institute to train at the highest level of skills and meet the requirements professionals in these sectors.

An offer in line with the needs of the creative industries

These new schools will allow students and enthusiasts wishing to orient themselves towards these professions of the future, toaccess initial or work-study training, vocational training or short courses. The aim is to prepare them for the expectations of the creative industries.

A new offer, in line with the needs of the creative industries, will offer courses ranging from Bachelor Masters in two streams: Sound & music and Cinema, television & audiovisual. From the 3rd year, students will be able to follow their training in alternation, with the exception of the Bachelor in Audiovisual Production, which is face-to-face. SAE Paris also has a Master’s degree in partnership with Gustave Eiffel University and a certified Level 5 Sound Technician Title which will be accessible to students and learners.

Each SAE Institute educational program is designed to enable them to acquire all the necessary skills with the aim of successful professional integration in a booming market.

The orientation fair not to be missed!

We give you an appointment on the Studyrama Fair for Audiovisual and Cinema Training in Paris to find the training of your dreams!
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (cinematographer, costume designer, actor, director, script …) and to ask your questions during e-conferences.)

State-of-the-art facilities and technological equipment

With these new campuses, SAE Institute will also provide the opportunity for students and learners to access state-of-the-art facilities and technological equipment but also to a global network of partner companies and graduates who include the biggest names in the field of sound, music and image.

SAE Institute aims to train the creative talents of tomorrow and to accentuate the renown of the “French Touch” in the fields of audiovisual, film and even music throughout the world.

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