the satellite connection could arrive in France faster than expected

Apple would like to extend the availability of the satellite connection before the end of the year. The service is currently reserved for Canada and the United States.

Apple iPhone 14 Emergency SOS Satellite

If the iPhone 14 Pro can defend itself a little, the iPhone 14 clearly lacks new features. In particular in France where the new smartphone from Apple does not even offer no satellite connection. That could soon change.

Apple wants to expand availability this year

The website MacPrime relayed by 9TB5Mac claims that Apple is already hard at work expanding its flagship feature. At the moment, the satellite connection will be officially available from November for the United States and Canada.

According to MacPrime, Apple should extend this availability later this year, in 2022, and also next year.

What will be the priority countries?

Usually at Apple, these kinds of functions arrive first in the United States before spreading to the rest of North America, Japan and Western Europe. France or Belgium are often part of the 2nd or 3rd wave affected by a new service.

Here, the SOS by Satellite function makes it possible to request help in areas without any connection to a fixed or mobile network. In other words, when you are really in a remote place in the world and in danger without being able to find your way back.

We can therefore wonder if Apple will not target other regions as priorities, such as countries around large assembly lines or deserts. Impossible to know for the moment, we will have to wait for an official communication from Apple.

And the price ?

Among the bad surprises of the Apple conference, we have noted that the satellite connection will eventually be chargeable. Apple offers the service free of charge for 24 months, then announces that it will become payable.

However, the firm has not revealed any price or details on this paid offer. The brand should therefore also clarify this point in the long term. Hopefully Apple decides to keep its service free to save lives.

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