The series “The Chosen” returns to the cinema

As in 2022, Cinérive will screen season 2 of “The Chosen”. The successful television series which presents a human and intimate approach to Jesus will be shown in Vevey, Aigle and Orbe, for four evenings between February 1 and April 19. As a reminder, the series “The Chosen”, created by Dallas Jenkins, has exceeded 400 million views on the eponymous application. The French version of Season 2 has not yet been added, but should be shortly. However, it is possible to view it in the original version (English) with French subtitles. At the time of the closing of this edition, the first five episodes of season 3, in English, are available free of charge on the Angel studio site.

Vevey, Eagle and Orbe

In Vevey, the first two episodes of season 2, in French, will be offered on February 1 at the Rex. The series will continue on February 22, March 15 and April 5. At Aigle, it’s the same principle with two episodes at each screening at the Cosmo. However, this will be done with a week difference, on February 8, March 1, March 22 and April 12. In Orbe, you will have to wait until February 15 to discover the start of the second season at the Urba cinema. The other screening dates will be March 8, March 29 and April 19.

Expected new success

Last year, the series had gathered around 700 spectators in the three cinemas, that is to say at least twice as many as the average of the traditional sessions. This was the public premiere of the Regeneration media forum. It was the success of the broadcast of the self-produced American series and the encouragement from the boss of the Cinérive group that motivated the broadcast of this new season in cinemas.

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Article from Christianity Today February 2023

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