The talent of Mahi Binebine put to the test of an individual exhibition

Atelier 21 houses “Pas de deux”, an exhibition which, behind the work which is offered to the admiration of the public, probes the intimacy of the artist and writer Mahi Binebine, with painting for more than thirty year.

This fresco in homage to being, shows the revealing creativity of disillusion and the peaceful relationship with the human condition, by revealing the maturity of an approach whose focal point is the human.

Olivier Rachet, the author of the introductory text of the exhibition catalogue, explains that “there is in the works of Mahi Binebine one and the same story which is told from one space to another, made up of separations, of exiles, of firm hand-to-hand combat, but also of reconciliations, embraces and rediscovered fraternities”.

Mahi Binebine was born in 1959 in Marrakech. He moved to Paris in 1980 to continue his studies in mathematics, which he taught for eight years. Then he devoted himself to writing and painting. He wrote several novels translated into ten languages. He has become one of the most recognized painters of the Moroccan contemporary scene.

Moreover, the fame of Mahi Binebine projects its sparks abroad and his works pass through many prestigious collections including that of the Guggenheim Museum (United States), the Institute of the Arab world (France), the Deutsche Bank (Germany), the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (Tunisia) and the Bank Al Maghrib Museum (Morocco).

In the same wake, Olivier Rachet looks at the fragments of this creation and brings his own vision to it. He adds: “The theme so dear to the artist of confinement is never far away, but it moves today on the technical level, through thousands of nails constructed by hand from wood. If one approaches the bas-reliefs in which these nails appear, one will be able to observe that they strangely resemble pencils, as if the concern for the narration always regained the upper hand”.


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