The Terukan Boys will rob the catalog of Doki-Doki, November 16, 2022

The editions Doki-Doki announce today the release of a one-shot for the new year. Entitled Terukan Boysthe latter is signed Yu Nakahara.

On the story side, we will follow three young thirtysomethings who struggle and who to get out of it decide to organize a hold-up. In Japanthis manga was pre-published in 2020 in the pages of the magazine Spirits of Shôgakukan before its release in a single paperback volume.

In France, it is the January 11 soon that it will be available in bookstores at the price of 7€20.


During high school, Satoshi, Ryōhei and Kōta formed their rock band: the “Terukan Boys”. Now in their thirties, the three friends have chosen different paths, but all face difficulties that seem insurmountable to them. One day, they discover in a magazine that Hamada, a former high school friend, has embarked on the world of IT, information technology. But what they don’t know is that it will change their destiny forever!


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