the TF1 series too close to the Red Bracelets? The designer reacts

Series Toulouse-Lautrec high school has been compared to red wristbands, another fiction of TF1. Fanny Riedberger, its creator and producer, returned to this comparison.

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“As Red Wristbandsthis series is rich in emotions”could we read on Twitter during the broadcast on TF1 of Toulouse-Lautrec high school. Internet users have indeed found that the two series are a little similar. A flattering comparison for Fanny Riedberger, the creator and producer of the series (from which the character of Victoire is inspired). “Frankly, if they say about us “It’s the new red wristbandsI’m not going to take it too badly because it’s all the harm I wish for us, given the success of the red wristbands. But I think they’re two very different shows in so many ways.”she replied to our colleagues fromAlloCine.

“We are very far from red wristbandswhich mainly spoke of the disease”

Fanny Riedberger develops: “Already, Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec is not a hospital series. It’s not even a series about disability. It’s a series of high school students, playground students, high school students with problems. And some are disabled. But we are very far from red wristbandswhich was mainly about the disease, although I understand the comparison”. Then she highlights the cast of students made up of real actors andstudents with disabilities.

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The particularity of Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec compared to red wristbands

“And then, let’s not forget that it’s kids with disabilities who play the characters. It’s a real particularity of Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec. It must be emphasized because I am very proud of it, explains the creator and producer. We discussed a lot with associations, the casting was quite long. I had everything on hand, because the casting was largely done at the real Vaucresson high school. But what took a long time was that we needed a real chemistry, a magic that operates between them. Finding good actors was not enough. There were a lot of casting stages, during which we tested the young people in groups of two, three, then nine, to see if the magic took.. Like Fanny Riedberger, Ness Merad (Marie Antoinette), Nolann Duriez (Hugo), Hippolyte Zarembathe interpreter of Jean Philippe, were all educated in this school like no other.

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