the top 4K TVs at an unprecedented price for Black Friday (-45%)

If you were waiting for Black Friday to get an OLED TV, you’ll be happy to learn that one of the best TVs from LG is already on sale. The 55C2 model is at its lowest price: 1,099 euros against 1,999 euros at launch.

For lovers of image quality, OLED panels often represent the Grail and what better way than to go to the LG brand renowned for its high quality televisions. In general, obtaining this type of television requires spending a substantial budget, yet some models in the 2022 range are undergoing attractive price reductions. This is the case of the C2 series, which loses 45% of its price for the 55-inch model.

What we love about the LG OLED C2

  • Its 55″ OLED panel is 20% brighter
  • Its more powerful processor
  • Its HDMI 2.1 connectivity ideal for next-gen consoles
  • Its fluid and intuitive WebOS interface

Initially offered at 1,999 euros, the LG OLED55C2 television continues to see its price drop. Today, it is possible to get it at 1,099 euros on Cdiscount.

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Where to buy The

LG OLED55C2 at the best price ?

Improvements to get closer to perfection

For 2022, the South Korean brand has redesigned the look of the C2 model. Compared to the previous generation, the foot of the TV is reduced. A detail that is important, since it allows users to slide devices under the screen without problem, while allowing the television to take up less space on a TV stand. Its design is also thinner, with in particular a lighter weight thanks to the use of lighter materials. Something to bring a refined touch to the television.

Its 55-inch 4K compatible OLED panel impresses with its infinite contrasts with deep blacks, vivid colors and improved brightness. For a better experience, the C2 series relies on OLED EVO technology, which provides a higher peak of brightness: we can thus count on a screen 20% brighter than those of the C1 range.

The LG OLED55 C2 TV is based on the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor. The latter adds more efficient upscaling technology thanks to more powerful algorithms, to move 1080p content to 4K definition more efficiently. Otherwise, the LG C2 is compatible HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision IQ. As for the audio part, it is also improved, where we go from a virtual mix in 5.1 on the C1 range to 7.1.2 for a wider sound.

A TV suitable for all uses

In addition to satisfying movie lovers, the TV is also ideal for gamers. The latter includes 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, which allow 4K@120 frames per second for next gen consoles. It also supports VRR, or variable refresh rate, as well as ALLM, perfect for combating the tearing phenomenon, or screen tearing. It benefits from a response time of only 1 ms, and G-Sync and AMD FreeSync certifications. To top it off, LG’s C2 TV features a 100Hz screen refresh, a response rate of just 1ms, and certifications for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync.

Finally, LG obliges, this television will run on webOS, the brand’s home interface, which is still as refined as ever. It comes with some new features such as a Multi-view menu that splits the screen in two to see two different programs, or the ability to create a profile so that your content is suggested according to what ‘we look.

Of course, you can quickly access the flagship applications, such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or YouTube. Finally, the TV is also compatible with the various voice assistants on the market. AirPlay2 will also be there and will allow you to stream content from a smartphone or tablet.

For more details, please read our test on the LG OLED55C2 TV.

8 /10


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