the true story behind the romantic comedy

Directed by American Anne Fletcher, “27 Dresses” was released in 2008 and starred Katherine Heigl. Revolving around a “wedding planner” gradually moving towards old maid status, the story turns out to be inspired by a true story…

Jane, the eternal bridesmaid

Jane, the main character of 27 dresses, devotes himself body and soul to his work. His life is meticulously organized around his profession: wedding planner. As explained Aline Brosh McKennathe scriptwriter of the film – who would later be behind the Devil wears Prada – Jane was him inspired by a friend of hers. The latter would have been bridesmaid a dozen times, without succeeding in making his own romantic relationships prosper. She and the character of Jane come together on their great sociability, mixed with their complicated romantic life, as she explained during the promotion of the film:

I found it fascinating and I wondered what could have earned her being invited to so many weddings. Like Jane, she had many friends, but something inside her kept her from developing a relationship that was truly her own.

Katherine Heigl - 27 dresses
Katherine Heigl- 27 dresses ©Twentieth Century Fox

And they lived happily…

Whether in fiction or in real life, it is a happy ending which concluded both stories. Jane is spurned throughout the film by his boss George (Edward Burns) who prefers her sister Tess (Malin Akerman) to her. Luckily, Prince Charming is somewhere else… Performed by James Marsden, journalist Kevin has to write an article about her making fun of her, but eventually falls in love with her. In reality, neither betrayal nor deception, but engagement just before the film’s production :

What’s funny is that the friend who inspired me for this story got engaged just two months before the movie was given the official green light. By the time it hits screens, she’ll be married – finally!

Katherine Heigl and James Marsden - 27 dresses
Katherine Heigl and James Marsden – 27 dresses ©Twentieth Century Fox

27 dresses later, Jane manages to find love just like the screenwriter’s friend… So, all’s well that ends well for this romantic comedy!

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