the used car market plunged 15.8% in 2022

The transactional volume of used cars fell in Germany last year. According to the KBA, 5,641,516 units were booked, which is 15.8% less than in 2021.

In 2022, 588,154 Mercedes UVs found takers in Germany (-13.4%). (©AdobeStock/Tong2530)

The market German used cars suffered the crisis full force in 2022. According to the report published online by the KBA, the number of transactions reached 5,641,516 units last year. Compared to 2021, this volume therefore shows a drop of 15.8%.

With 1,164,202 units, volkswagen accounted for 20.6% in total sales. A stable level of penetration from one year to the next. On the other hand, the brand has not been able to resist the crisis. The fall in the number of second-hand cars returned to the road is in line with the market trend (-15.5%).

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Second most popular brand in the sector, thanks to a penetration of 10.4%, mercedes racked up 588,154 transactions across all channels, down 13.4% from 2021. Its premium-segment rivals fared no better. The brand BMW was credited with 472,456 units (-16.5%) and Audi by 413,415 (-17.7%).

Renault overtakes Skoda in used cars

The other stage location, Vauxhall, finished with 527,335 units on the clock. The blitz brand maintains its market share at 9.3%, however it drops by 18% in the number of used car registrations.

Among the French brands, Renault (215,872 units) manages to overtake Skoda (212,711 VO), despite a drop of 16.7% over one year. The Czech brand having lost 19.4% in volume. At the same time, Peugeot returned 17.3%, ending at 134,613 units. More discreet on the German market, Citroen fell in identical proportions (-17.3%, to 81,163 units).

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