The WTF position to which Patrick Beverley could evolve at the Lakers!

With many leaders under his command, Darvin Ham will have to be smart and careful when composing his starting 5. Russell Westbrook will probably not appreciate being glued to the bench, while Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schroder are just behind. Finally that is on paper since the second city could evolve to a rather surprising position.

It is now done, Russell Westbrook will remain for a second season on the side of the Lakers, despite a very complicated first freelance. The player never knew how to find his place, nor adapt to the game of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The front office was clearly not satisfied, the proof with the recent moves with the arrival of Patrick Beverley via trade, then Dennis Schroder via the free agent market a little later.

If confirmation was needed, it shows that the Purple and Gold wanted an improvement in position 1, the franchise could not take the risk of keeping only Westbrook as a leader. But with these two arrivals, we can naturally ask ourselves this question: don’t the Lakers end up with too many players in the lead?

Darvin Ham’s strong decision for his leaders!

If we set aside Kendrick Nunn, who can play at fullback, we already find ourselves with 3 players capable of playing at position 1. What is Darvin Ham going to do, who will not be able to satisfy everyone in terms of playing time? Game ? Obviously, he has every intention of creating a few surprises, including for Beverley. The latter would not be seen as a creator / leader, but rather as a winger capable of scoring and defending.

To this day, the Lakers view Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroder as point guards and Pat Bev as a “3-and-D” winger.

By this expression used for Beverley, understand by this a player capable of punishing at three points and defending. It is therefore logical to have some uncertainties for the former member of Wolves, not really known for being a hit behind the arc. In addition, and despite his defensive qualities, can he keep up against wingers much bigger than him? Internet users are not convinced.

Pat Bev and Dennis Schroder are like 1m85 they’re not wingers 😭😭😭

To remedy a surplus of leaders, Darvin Ham seems to have found the solution: one of them will not be used at all in the lead. It is Patrick Beverley, who thanks to his defensive qualities, will be responsible for shifting on the wing to better suit the needs of the organization. Well, that’s the scenario planned for mid-September. Everything can change for the first regular season game.

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