therapeutic relentlessness returns to “a farewell tour of Michel Sardou”

Guests of Amandine Bégot on the occasion of the Wednesday, November 16 release of the documentary First emergencies, Mathias Wargon and Amin Bouheniche stayed for the chronicle of Philippe Caverivière. “It’s nice, they abandoned the emergency room to attend my column”, remarks the columnist on the credits of the series Emergency room.

This documentary follows the daily life of hospital staff. And Philippe Caverivière imagines other names, using well-known films of the 7th art. “This film could have been called A day in hell, Men in White, the longest day Where Once upon a time in eastern Paris“.

In the documentary, many patients go to the hospital due to excessive alcohol consumption. And communication with these people is not always easy for staff to manage. “You don’t always have Jean Lassalle to translate“, jokes Philippe Caverivière.

The columnist evokes the question of the right to die with dignity in France. “Unplugging someone is no longer called euthanasia, but energy sobriety“, points out the humorist. Philippe Caverivière also speaks of the therapeutic relentlessness which, in medical language, amounts to a “farewell tour of Michel Sardou“.

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