Thermaltake unveils its “CTE” boxes, an architectural revolution?

  • 90 degree rotation on the motherboard
  • Move critical heat sources (CPU and graphics cards) closer to fresh air intake
  • More efficient intake airflow
  • New CT Series Fans
  • Patented rotating PCI-E slots

Thermaltake launches a new line of PC cases, the CTE series. The objective is to propose a new architectural approach to increase cooling performance.

This range consists of the CTE C750 Air, CTE C750 TG ARGB, CTE C700 Air, CTE C700 TG ARGB, CTE T500 Air and CTE T500 TG ARGB solutions. We take a risk with a different approach to conventional case design.

The layout is redesigned using a 90 degree rotation of the motherboard to build more efficient airflow paths. The manufacturer explains that this is a solution to meet the needs of the ever-increasing thermal envelopes of graphics cards and processors.

Thermaltake Series CTE Form Factor
Thermaltake Series CTE Form Factor

One of the areas of work has been to bring the hot elements closer to the configuration of the ventilation sources allowing for advantages of thermal extraction and the supply of fresh air. Thus the processor is found closer to the front panel and the GPU to the rear. Added to this “physical” repositioning are new fans from the CT series in black or white dress with or without RGB. PWM, they come with a maximum rotational speed of 1500 rpm and are equipped with “tuned” blades to push the air further.

The CTE range is supposed to start its commercial life in a few weeks. The appointment is given for next April.

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