these 3 games are at a sacrifice price for the Amazon sales

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You received a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and decided to wait for the winter sales to treat yourself with games? You did well. The Pokémon Violet game for Nintendo Switch is available on Amazon during the sales at 41.95 euros against a price of 54.99 euros usually. You will be able to discover Paldea, its shimmering colors and its sunny landscapes with the latest installment of the Pokémon saga, the first to be entirely in the open world. So get started with your first companion, Poussachat, Coiffeton or Chochodile, and embark on the adventure to become the new master of the Pokémon league, decimate Team Star, the “bad guys” of this opus and get started on a quest for medicinal spices to create a cure for Pokémons. And of course, as in every episode of the Pokémon adventure, try to completely fill your Pokédex by capturing all those crossed, including Miraidon, the legendary Pokémon for the Pokémon Purple version.

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Avalanche of promotions on 3 Nintendo Switch games

But that’s not the only game on sale. Pokémon fans will also be able to afford another opus in the saga at a reduced price. Effectively, the Sparkling Diamond Pokémon game is available at 35.57 euros instead of 44.16 euros. In this Nintendo Switch re-edition of the game, you can explore the Sinnoh region with the starter of your choice, Tortipouss, Chimistram or Piplup, capture all the Pokémon that inhabit it, including the legendary Dialga, and become master of the Pokemon League. The Just Dance 2023 game for Nintendo Switch is also on sale at Amazon, costing 36.04 euros against 59.99 euros on Nintendo eShop during the Winter Sale. You will be able to enjoy beautiful moments of fun and relaxation, alone, with family or friends. It could not be easier. Warm up a bit and… dance! You can wiggle your hips to 40 new songs in this version, including Physical by Dua Lipa or can’t stop the feeling of Justin Timberlake.

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