Thionville. She sends herself death threats and accuses her husband

“The time of justice is not that of the human. This phrase, often repeated, resonates particularly in this case which has just pitted a couple at the bar of the Thionville Criminal Court.

A 28-year-old young woman filed a first complaint in December 2020, denouncing violence committed by her spouse, towards her and their little girl. The complaint is closed.

Parents separate, reconcile. Until this second complaint filed in September 2021. It points to malicious phone calls and threats made by the companion. Six months later, the plaintiff grows impatient. So she adds more, to inflate her file.

In March 2022, she uses a smartphone application that allows you to send SMS with a number other than her own. She thus sent herself, on her own phone, several violent messages, death threats allegedly signed by her ex. Except that the maneuver is quickly foiled.

A penalty warning

The young woman is taken into custody. She admits her false allegations. The investigation also accuses him of having tampered with photos of their little girl, the dates of the shots, which would prove that the dad violents her. The father squarely accuses the mother of having made up the child to support his lie.

No complaint filed by the ex-companion has resulted. His behavior would have even discredited all his past statements. She was tried Thursday in court for false denunciations to a judicial authority. His lawyer, Mr.e Becker, pleaded the difficulty of processing procedures in an overloaded context and the difficulty for the parties concerned to support these delays.

The court finally pronounced a suspended fine of 2,500 euros against the defendant.

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