This 1 TB internal SSD drive for less than 57 euros is a hit on Cdiscount

If you need to boost your computer, an SSD drive is a good solution, and thanks to Cdiscount, you can find the PNY 1TB SSD drive on sale. SSDs offer faster writing and reading speeds than conventional hard drives, and thus allow faster use of your computer: this is suitable, for example, if you play video games or use heavy applications. With its speeds of 535 MB/s in reading and 515 MB/s in writing, the PNY 1TB SSD allows you to install your programs and applications quickly, but also to open and transfer your documents just as quickly. Improve your computer with to the PNY 1TB SSD drive at 56.99 euros on Cdiscount.

The PNY 1TB SSD drive on sale on Cdiscount is a 2.5-inch disk, designed to be installed inside your computer thanks to its SATA 6 Gb/s ATA 7-pin interface. The technology used is based on NAND flash memory with 3D triple-level cell, and the disk also allows you to secure your data, in particular thanks to the Enhanced Secure Erase, which allows you to erase your data in a safe and secure way. Note also that the PNY disk is compatible with Linux, MacOS X, Ubuntu 14 and Windows, and that it offers you a 3-year service and maintenance guarantee. Finally, it can be stored at a temperature between – 40 and 85°C.

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