This African man has 15 wives and 107 children

A stunning video of one of the biggest families in the world recently caught the attention of netizens on social media. An African man, named David Sakayo Kaluhana, has 15 wives and 107 children. Isn’t that shocking? The 61-year-old lives in a rural village in western Kenya with all his wives without any dissatisfaction.

In a short documentary for Afrimax English, David Kaluhana was heard to have a high IQ, which cannot be managed by a single woman. The man is a historian, who claims to have read over 4000 books. In the video, he claimed that all of his wives shared duties with each other and lived happily with each other.

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David also revealed that all of his wives treat him like a king. His first wife, Jessica Kaluhana, who married him in 1933, said they had 13 children together. She shared: “I was never jealous that he brought in new women. He is a responsible man and everything he does is always right because he takes enough time to think things through before acting. Rose Kaluhana, who is David’s seventh wife, mentioned that they all live together in peace.

Talking about marrying more wives, David Kaluhana said he was inspired by King Solomon who had 1000 wives. He went on to say that he does not consider himself less than Solomon, which is why he will continue to marry more women.

The video, shared by Afrimax English on YouTube, has 2 lakh views. Hundreds of users have flocked to the comments section to share their opinion on this. One user wrote, “Greed is the sin of man. I respect all cultures and traditions, but 1 man cannot be evenly distributed among 15 women and over 100 children. But God bless them.

Another commented: ‘I guess complaining about not getting your husband’s attention is not a thing in this family. I wonder if he knows the names of all his children and with what woman he had them. I wish them all the best because they are already a family. What worries me is that there might be women who hope to be David’s next wives.

Walk away, Musa: Man with 15 wives is ‘too smart’ for ONE partner (

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