this Apple product is finally coming to Android

Fans of mobile games will no longer need an iPhone to use this device that has long been reserved for Apple.

Backbone has great news for mobile gaming fans. The company will offer its flagship product, the one that made its reputation, to all Android smartphone users. This is its mobile controller, the Blackbone One, which allows you to transform any smartphone into a real gaming station to enjoy racing, adventure or shooting titles in the best way.

Until now, it was only available for iOS devices, even the version in collaboration with PlayStation released earlier this year. The proposed model is in all respects similar to that for Apple mobiles, displayed at a price of 99 dollars except that only the black color is available, excluding the black and white one of the playstation model.

Besides that, you find a classic controller, with ABXY keys, and a USB-C port in the middle of the frame to connect and hold your phone. Everything is expandable to fit all sizes of smartphones and you can even connect wired headphones and headsets to it, which is no longer possible on many mobile devices since the advent of wireless headphones.

A controller built for cloud gaming

With this kind of tool, cloud gaming becomes more accessible than ever. While Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Microsoft’s xCloud services are in full swing, this kind of removable controller allows you to optimize your mobile experience and thus get the most out of your subscriptions.

Of course, Backbone is not the only manufacturer to offer this kind of product on the market and you can just as well get your hands on a model from Razer or even Nacon, among the most popular. The Backbone One doesn’t offer anything particularly sharp in terms of technology compared to its competitors, but it remains an excellent controller to start with, knowing that it offers you low latency and a compact design.

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