This baby star was catapulted by his sisters

Astronomers have made a strange discovery while observing the HH24 complexan object of Herbig Haro. They used six different telescopes for this, including Hubble and Alma, allowing them to process several ranges of wavelengths, and to draw up a complete image of HH24. This star with the strange name shelters several protostars, stars in the making which have not yet started the nuclear fusion of hydrogen in their heart.

And above all, these seven stars at least interact violently with each other, until they have ejected one of their own in the past! The object thus moves away from the protostellar system for about 5,800 years at a speed of 25 km/s. Others should follow soon because, in this type of training, violent interactions are commonplace. The accretion of gas, combined with the heating of each protostar, contributes to create powerful magnetic and electric fields, which then generate jets of matter.


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