This Bose QC Earbuds + induction charger pack is half price for the French Days

With the recent release of the second generation, Bose QC Earbuds are more affordable. For the French Days, Darty and Fnac are significantly lowering their price in a pack with an induction charger: 99 euros instead of 229 euros.

Bose QC EarBuds + French Days induction base back to school 2022

We know Bose for its powerful headphones with the house audio signature, but the brand has not neglected the market for True Wireless headphones. Despite the recent arrival of the second generation of QC Earbuds, the first is still a reference, especially when you can afford them at a reduced price. It’s the least we can say when we see the offer at the moment for the French Days which allows you to obtain a pair in addition to an induction charger, all more than half price.

What to remember about Bose QC Earbuds

  • Comfortable headphones
  • Very faithful sound
  • Good autonomy

Displayed at 229 euros, the Bose QC Earbuds headphones pack accompanied by an Urban Factory brand induction charger, is now available at only 99.99 euros at Darty and at Fnac during the French Days period.

Comfortable despite their size

The Bose QCEarbuds are intended to be the True Wireless version of the famous headphones of the same brand and therefore compete directly with the Sony WF-1000XM3 and to Apple AirPods Pro over the same launch period. On the design side, we can say that they are quite bulky. Whether it’s the earphones themselves or the charging box, we are entitled to a rather massive case of 8.9 cm long by 5.1 wide and 3.2 cm high. The headphones themselves are halfway between open-fit headphones and in-ear headphones and this is their main strength. In fact, the Bose system allows you to take advantage of silicone tips with a fin to ensure better support once the headphones are placed on the ears. Note also that they are IPX4 certified and are thus resistant to splashes and perspiration.

For controls it will be necessary to use the touch surfaces on the outside of each earpiece. For example, a double tap on the left earbud will change the noise canceling mode. A double press on the right earphone will pause the music, but that’s quite classic in 2022, even if for the left earphone, the controls can be personalized on the application. Bose Music.

High-quality sound with the Bose signature

Where Bose has certainly not done things by halves is of course the sound quality of its QC Earbuds. These include excellent transducers that offer equal efficiency across the entire audio spectrum for a well-balanced sound. Here, there is no risk of deploring a dynamic settling with the volume at maximum nor any distortion. In addition, the true wireless benefit from a dynamic sound equalization technology: concretely, the more you increase the volume of your music, the more the bass will be present, which will be perfectly adapted to sport since we above all wants to enjoy a lively and well-paced sound during our efforts. Of course, the biggest strength of the Bose earphones is their noise reduction and they are as comfortable filtering out subway sounds as car sounds and even voices.

As for the autonomy of its headphones, Bose announces a use of up to 6 hours for its QC Earbuds even if our test has proven that it was possible to make them last for 7 hours even with noise reduction activated.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read our complete review of the Bose QC Earbuds.

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