This completely free tool allows you to create websites without coding

Creating a website is a pivotal moment for a business. This is what allows you to sell products, highlight your skills and communicate about your services. In short, it appears as a real showcase for companies, as well as for the self-employed. It must therefore be responsive, aesthetic and intuitive.

Succeeding in achieving this objective obviously requires mastering the code, unless you turn to one of the many no-code tools available on the web. popsy is just one of them. On its platform, the creation of a site is done entirely in drag and drop.

An interface similar to that of Notion

To help users easily design their website, the creators of Popsy have developed a simple interface. This is similar to that of the Notion collaborative tool, currently used by many companies. If you are a fan of the famous software, getting started with Popsy will be easy.

popsy tool illustration

The tool is inspired by the interface of Notion. Illustration: Popsy.

popsy tool illustration

The creation process is fast. Illustration: Popsy.

Everything is available to create a site without having to enter a single line of code, starting with templates. A wide choice of designs is offered to meet different use cases. We find models to create a personal site, a portfolio ofillustrationsa product landing page…

Once the model is chosen, it’s time to look at the design. The features available allow you to modify the entire site, in particular the layout of the elements. Of course, you have the choice between several fonts, colors, background… It is even possible to add one of your images as a background.

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons have not been forgotten either. Thanks to the customization options, you have the possibility of creating one to your liking by determining the color, style and size. It is also necessary to add a search bar and a navigation menu, which allows you to do Popsy. Images, videos, GIFs… You can insert as many elements as necessary.

If the creation of a responsive site is free, its publication remains paid. To imagine, create and see online, you have to pay eight dollars a month. With this offer, the domain name can be changed and all the features offered are available. Illustrations are also freely available.

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