This former Serie A player finds that Juventus made a mistake in the Paulo Dybala file |

Jeda, a former Italian-Brazilian player who played in Serie A, spoke exclusively for the team. He talks about the Paulo Dybala file, the Juventus season and other things. Check out some of his statements in this article.

Did Juventus err in the Paulo Dybala case?

I really think so. Dybala was abused by Juve, he was always a professional and a big-hearted boy. He is not a presumptuous boy and his big dream was to stay at Juve, he proved it by crying. Juve could have handled it differently, in football there is no gratitude and everyone thinks for themselves, especially the clubs. »

What went wrong against Napoli?

It is clear that Juve are in a complex and complicated situation. In my opinion, it was more a merit of Napoli, who managed to highlight the difficulties of Juve. Unfortunately Juve have been affected by many injuries, this is not an excuse but it is an interpretation that must be made because we have never seen the real Juve, then the off-field factors appeared. Napoli have also figured out how to absorb the pressure and now the coach is working on the mental approach and not under pressure. Juve now have too many problems and that means the team can’t just think about what’s happening on the pitch. Juve of the 9 championships had men before the players and now there are none. »

Should we sell Dusan Vlahovic in case of a high offer?

The club must be good but above all the coach. When he sees that the player is in big trouble, he must necessarily think about the costs of this player and whether it is right to give it away or not. He couldn’t bear this pressure, Fiorentina and Juve are two different things, there he was the star and at all times they targeted him. As soon as we play 3 or 4 games at Juve, the critics are not up to par. I would sell it renounced against a pharaonic offer. He’s a player with great prospects, but giving him responsibility can ruin a talent. »


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