this free demo under Unreal Engine 5 stolen by a studio becomes paid on Steam

In 2021, on the occasion of the stunning presentation new graphics engine Unreal Engine 5the developer Tyson Butler Boschma used the demo to integrate Superman. Players were able to embody the superhero from the planet krypton within a New York Truer than nature. Unfortunately, a studio stole his idea by proposing it $10 on Steam.

Unreal engine 5, the future of video games looks great

The world of video games has never been so close to photo realism. Remember, it was a year ago little over a year and Unreal Engine 5 came out a demo of the power of its new graphics engine in a video called “The Matrix Awakens”. In a more realistic New York than ever that took place in the universe of the famous science fiction films, buildings, streets and NPCs have never been so detailed. Several other demonstrations were unveiled, such as for The Witcher and GTAas well as the one running on PS5.

Developer Tyson Butler-Boschma took over the demo from The Matrix Awakens running under UE5 in order to create his own video game. He integrated Superman and develops a physique so that anyone can embody it and fly through the new york skyscrapers. The developer even offered it for free on The game was amazing and allowed anyone to be able to visit the whole city without spending a penny. However, the title ended up paying on Steam.

an unscrupulous studio

A publisher called Hero Game Studios will therefore steal the concept and offer it for €10 on Steam. It was an Internet user who alerted the real designer of the flight of his project. He immediately recognizes his game thanks to the physics behavior. Hero Game Studios went one step further by successfully have his presentation video removed from Youtube taking as argument the violation copyrights. Icing on the cake, the studio probably used the license Superman without have reached agreements. Tyson Butler-Boschma had just avoided using it officially in order to avoid paying duties to Warner.

The small creator finally won his case. The demo video was reposted on the platform and the title disappeared from Steam. The game is still available in free download at This constitutes a victory for Tyson Butler-Boschma, but above all a general victory for small creators, who can be robbed their unscrupulous work by bigger productions.

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