this fundamental difference between the series and the real high school

Led by Stephane De Groodt, Valerie Karsenti and the revelations China Thybaud and Ness Merad, Toulouse-Lautrec high schoolour series favorite of this beginning of the yearcontinues this Monday, January 23 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 with two new episodes that serve as a conclusion to the first season.

Inspired by the true story of its creator and producer Fanny Riedbergerwho has studied in the real establishment that serves as the setting for the TF1 fictionLycée Toulouse-Lautrec recounts the daily life of Victoire, a teenager who finds herself forced to go and study at the high school where her brother, who suffers from epilepsy, is educated.

Initially resistant to this new environment, she will gradually open up and form very strong friendships within this high school unlike any other, where able-bodied students rub shoulders with students with disabilities. And where solidarity and devotion are the values ​​that prevail above all.

Met at the La Rochelle Festival last September, where Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec won the prize for Best Series, Fanny Riedberger told us how important it was for the series to be shot at the real Lycée Erea Toulouse Lautrec in Vaucresson, located in the Hauts-de-Seine.

“It was essential for me. Because there were all the conditions to shoot there with young people with disabilities. It was very close to my heart”told us the creator, producer and co-director of the series, who previously worked on Clem and With family.

“That’s why the series is called Toulouse-Lautrec, even if we added “Lycée” in front because everyone thought I was doing a period series in costumes (laughs). I wanted there is this title Toulouse-Lautrec because it is the name of the high school where I myself studied. I owe them a lot, and the minimum is to highlight them. It is an incredible high school, I I’m glad we were able to shoot there”.

A difference between the operation of the real high school and what we see in the series

If Fanny Riedberger really studied at Toulouse Lautrec and if she shares common points with Victoire, the TF1 series is above all a fiction and is not intended to tell her personal story in the smallest details. But the goal of the scriptwriter was to show the reality of this establishment like no other.

“What we see in the series is true. It’s the same way today, with nine students per class, a third of whom are able-bodied. That hasn’t changed”, told us Fanny Riedberger in an interview. But a major difference exists between the reality of real high school today and what is told on screen in the TF1 series.

Indeed, the concept of “referent” student existed at the time when the creator of Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec was studying in the establishment of Vaucresson, but this is no longer the case today.

“Today able-bodied students are no longer referents in the broad sense of the term. As Ness Merad told me, today we no longer need to designate referents because it is natural to help, whatever Either way, technology has really shaken things up anyway.”.

“Before, we took notes with a pen and paper, we took homework from our comrades. We were more invested in it, and that no longer exists today in Toulouse Lautrec. But I wanted to tell it because it’s crazy to think that we are going to be the referent of a friend with a disability, that we are going to help him eat, take him to the toilet. And then in fact, very quickly, it becomes natural, it’s his friend that we help. It’s very beautiful”.

When we see how much being a referent to Marie-Antoinette helps Victoire open up and approach her schooling in a new way, we understand why the creator of the series decided to keep this notion at heart of the plot, even if it is no longer applied strictly speaking today to Vaucresson.

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