this mod makes it a fully playable VR game

Half-Life 2: VR Mod, to rediscover the game in virtual reality. Many modifications and additions for a very successful experience.

Whether Half Life :Alyx gave you the urge to revisit its 2004 predecessor, now you can do so by virtual reality. A few days ago, a group of fans by the name of Source VR Mod Team posted Half Life 2: VR Mod. If you have the original game, you can download and play this mod for free on Steam.

Half Life 2: VR Modto rediscover the game in virtual reality

Although currently in beta, the mod allows you to play the single-player campaign of Half Life 2 from beginning to end. The Source VR Mod Team has integrated many features found in Half Life: Alyx to provide a modern experience and make the game playable in virtual reality. For example, you can change weapons using the same selection system as Valve’s 2020 game.

Many changes and additions

Other changes made for VR include the addition of optional laser vision, over-the-shoulder ammo storage, manual weapon reloading, and two-handed weapon holding. There’s even room-scale motion support. The Source VR Mod Team explains that the project is not finishedbut that hasn’t stopped fans from jumping into the experience: the mod currently has an “overwhelmingly positive” rating out of 1,015 reviews.

for a very successful experience

As Black Mesa before him, Half Life 2: VR Mod took a lot of work. As Eurogamer points out, the project was announced in 2017. It will have experienced many difficulties before being talked about again in 2021. The fact that you can play it today is due to the recent arrival of new members in the team who have “re-energized” the development.

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