This new competitor to Airtags costs half the price and is compatible with iOS and Android

Eufy launches its own tracking tiles. Compatible with Android, but more relevant on iOS, the latter offer a good alternative to Apple’s AirTags while positioning themselves at a more contained price.

Eufy wants to compete with AirTags with its own solution, compatible with iOS and Android // Source: Eufy via Android Police

On the sidelines of Apple AirTagsthem reliable and efficient tracking tiles are not necessarily legion. Tenor of the sector, positioned on this market long before Apple, Tile is among the most serious alternatives to AirTags. Samsung and its SmartTags / SmartTags+ are not to be forgotten either, but overall the entry of new players to the department of tracking badges is not a bad thing.

It is therefore with some interest that we learned a few days ago the launch by Eufy, a subsidiary of the Chinese Anker, of a tracker taking up more or less the same concept as that of the competition… with the added bonus of a price reasonable and iOS and Android compatibility. Her name ? The Eufy SmartTrack Link.

A serious alternative to AirTagsā€¦ but less complete on Android

One of the main strengths of the SmartTrack Link is that it is recognized by Apple’s Find My app. A major advantage compared to its competitors who cannot say the same. In terms of tracking capability on iPhone, Eufy’s tracking badge is therefore equivalent to what AirTags offer. Just add the SmartTrack Link to the Locate app from the “Objects” tab and it’s identified and ready to use.

Source: Eufy via Android Police

If you don’t have an iPhone, the process is not that much more complicated: the SmartTrack Link is designed to be able to synchronize natively with Android smartphones. There is, however, one (big) downside to using Eufy’s tracker on Android: “global tracking” is not available there. It is actually reserved exclusively for iOS and the Locate application. On Android, the prior installation of the Eufy Security app is also necessary.

Another concern, the Eufy SmartTrack Link is not yet available in France. The accessory, on the other hand, is recently available across the Atlantic, where it trades at $19.99. An attractive price which is already worth delays in deliveries. Orders placed in mid-November will thus only be honored from the end of February 2023.

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