This Nintendo Switch OLED pack including Splatoon 3 benefits from an unprecedented reduction at Amazon

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tendo Switch OLED with this 40% discount! The console comes with Splatoon 3. The promise of beautiful video game moments thanks to Nintendo’s rich toy library.


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The price of the Nintendo Switch OLED with Splatoon 3 drops by 40% at Amazon and drops from 569 euros to 339.49 euros. Otherwise, pay in 4 monthly installments free of 86.78 euros. The Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest version of the 2-in-1 console. It features a thin-bezel OLED display with even more vibrant colors than the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. Resume your game anywhere from this integrated panel or play on a high-resolution TV via the included docking station. With the detachable Joy-Con, you can play 2 Nintendo Switch OLED in its nomadic form or as a home console. The Ethernet port allows for a better connection when connected to Nintendo Switch Online for online play. The best argument of the Nintendo Switch OLED? Its catalog of exclusives including Splatoon 3.

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40% off this Nintendo Switch OLED

Splatoon 3 is the new episode of the franchise and for the occasion, Nintendo welcomes a rain of novelties. The action takes place in Cité-Clabousse, a city in the post-apocalyptic desert where the Octolings and the Inklings live. These characters can transform into squids to glide through paint puddles in frantic arena battles. Create your character, customize it, choose your weapon then enter the battle in 4 against 4 to climb the ranks. Splatoon 3 is entitled to new levels, new abilities and weapons. Not to mention its adventure mode to learn more about the world of Cité-Clabousse. In addition to this title, the Nintendo Switch OLED has a large toy library with major franchises such as Bayonetta, Mario, Super Smash Bros., Zelda or even Mario Party and Mario Kart!

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