this strange bug makes the camera shake on TikTok or Instagram

The iPhone 14 Pro seems to be affected by an annoying bug on third-party apps using the video function. Many posts report a camera shaking accompanied by a disturbing noise.

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Social networks echoed this all weekend, there is apparently a problem with the use of the camera of some iPhone 14 Pro by third-party applications. Several users have complained about it in videos posted on TikTok or Twitter or messages posted on Reddit.

On the one below, we can clearly see an iPhone 14 Pro producing a strange noise, all accompanied by a vague effect on the main camera.

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Which apps are affected

A Reddit user Explain that the bug occurs on Snapchat or Instagram, but that there is no problem with the basic camera application. Another explains that he can “literally hearing the optical stabilization shake on Snapchat”. He or she also offers the beginning of a makeshift solution: by turning the phone back on and opening the default camera application before Snapchat, it seems to be fixed.

Indeed, the noise that occurs does not seem to come from a bug in the speakers or the interface, but from the mechanical movement of the optical stabilization. This noise is described as a kind of squeaking or grating according to users. Not very reassuring for a brand new smartphone.

So uh, we’re having some issues with the 14 Pro Max camera

— Luke Miani (@LukeMiani) September 16, 2022

as advance 9to5Mac, chances are it’s a software issue. Third-party apps probably aren’t tuned in to the new camera stuff yet. The problem should be able to be solved over the updates of the various social networks. The question at 1329 euros being: should we deplore damage to the camera system of the affected devices?

We ourselves have tried the experiment on the copy that we are currently testing and there is no problem to deplore.

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