this theory on the origin of the epidemic unleashes fans

In The Last of Us, HBO’s apocalyptic series, a fungus is spreading, turning people into zombies. An epidemic whose fans believe they have found the origin.

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that they have played video games or immediately hooked through the series, many fans embrace the universe of The Last of Us even though only one episode was broadcast on Prime Video. The series begins in Joel’s house (Pedro Pascal), a single father living with his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker) in the early 2000s, when an epidemic occurs that turns humans into zombies. In question ? A mushroom, which we know exists in real life. But no one knows what started the spread of this fungus. As the following episodes are coming soon on the streaming platform, some fans are convinced that they have already discovered the origin of the pandemic.

The Last of Us : what caused the start of the pandemic? The fan theory

In the first episode, we follow a day that starts in a very classic way for Sarah. But that’s where the clues that have put the flea in the ear of the viewers are hidden. On the community site Reddit, users are speculating about the possibility of spread via the ingestion of flour. Indeed, they note that at breakfast, Sarah tries to make pancakes for her father but realizes that there is no more flour in the cupboards. Later that day, when she goes to her neighbors, she is offered cookies but refuses them. Finally, his father was supposed to bring a birthday cake the same evening but forgets. So many occasions in a single day where the two protagonists pass through the threads of flour consumption and which could explain why at the end of the day, they are not contaminated.

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The Last of Us : the epidemic from Indonesia?

Moreover, during breakfast, the radio is on. The newspaper then informs listeners that an epidemic is breaking out in Indonesia, more precisely in its capital, Jakarta. However, the city happens to be home to the Bogasari Flour Mills, which is the largest flour mill in the world. For Internet users, all these coincidences are too numerous and can only indicate one thing: it is the flour that carries the fungus.

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