This ultra-powerful and durable electric bike has decided to kill the competition

The Trekking 7 from the Hepha brand pulls out the muscles and draws an ultra solid technical sheet for a price that does not reach the heights either. Two characteristics stand out: the autonomy of 200 km and the torque of 100 Nm.

trekking 7
Source: Hepha via eBike News

The German manufacturer Hepha has recently been noticed – via eBike News – for his new electric bike Trekking 7, which, as its name suggests, is cut out for trekking. This type of VAE generally combines robustness, comfort and equipment, for outings both in town and on beaten paths.

But the Trekking 7 stands out in particular for its autonomy of 200 kilometers, whatever the version of the model (Long Range, Performance and Ultra), thanks to their 708 Wh battery. Admittedly, the brand does not specify with which mode of assistance this range is reached. But either way, it’s still insane.

Gun starts

Because even if the range drops to 100 km with the most powerful mode (Turbo), this value remains very high compared to the competition. Especially since the purchase price of the Trekking 7 starts at 2499 euros. At this price, few e-bikes offer more than 70 kilometers – at least according to our tests.

In addition to that, this model boasts a daunting torque: 80 Nm for the Long Range version (200 euros more for 90 Nm, 400 euros more for 100 Nm), against 90 Nm for the Performance variant and 100 Nm for the Ultra iteration. Clearly: starts, accelerations and resumes should be ultra dynamic.

hepha trekking 7
Source: Hepha

The central engine associated with a torque sensor should bring a nice touch of responsiveness and a natural behavior to your electric bike. In short, on paper, these elements are extremely attractive, despite its 27 kilos on the scale, which places it in the relatively high average of the market.

At the same time, this weight is justified by all the accessories and other equipment available as standard: suspension fork, stand, luggage rack or wheel guard fitted with 28-inch tires. In terms of comfort, the technical sheet reassures on paper.

Reassuring brakes

Then you have to rely on a 2.8-inch LCD screen, a Shimano Deore M4120 10-speed transmission or even Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The Performance version goes slightly further in terms of the aluminum frame, which benefits from a monocoque structure.

The Trekking 7 is available at a price of 2499 euros in the Long Range version, against 2799 euros for the Performance. The price of the Ultra model has not yet been communicated.

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