TIJARA delivers its balance sheet – Infomediary

During its Board of Directors meeting with the majority of its members and its presidency, yesterday at its headquarters in Casablanca, Tijara highlighted both the efforts of member companies and that of the sector as a whole. Impacted by the effects of the Covid pandemic, a succession of economic crises, agility and civic engagement were the major characteristics of the past year.

The deployment of the sector and the delivery of urgently needed products throughout the national territory, commitments kept and agreements with the trade and distribution ecosystem, including the one signed with the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the modernization and growth of the sector, the rich rendering of thematic Commissions on various issues including: e-commerce, logistics and the supply chain, human capital and digitalization, the fight against unfair competition, against smuggling and the protection of the Moroccan consumer, constituted the major axes of Tijara’s balance sheet within an economy in full mutation and confronted with multiple challenges.

Indeed, “Citizen and responsible commitment has always characterized our reflections and decision-making within our governance bodies. The logic of constructive consultation and the co-construction of solutions with our public partners, centered on the protection of purchasing power and the generation of value constitutes, to this day, the framework of our state of mind. . » Specifies Mohamed Wajih SBIHI, Executive Chairman of Tijara. Speaking at the conclusion of this Board of Directors on the progress, on the qualitative and positive indicators whether in terms of the internal governance of the
Federation, or the efficiency of the sector and its socio-economic commitment.

In addition, draft agreements subject to validation inherent in increasing human skills and knowledge, brand protection and competitiveness; the integration of new members into the federation, which further consolidates its positions; the certification of the accounts and the determination of the next date of the Ordinary General Meeting constituted the agenda of yesterday’s meeting.

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