Tired of constant notifications? Instagram is launching a new feature

“Quiet mode” is appearing on Instagram. This new feature will allow you to disconnect for a while without uninstalling your favorite application.

Quiet mode disables notifications and sends an automatic response @BELGAIMAGE

Can’t concentrate? Need 15 minutes of tranquility, without being disturbed by the slightest notification? The easiest way is still to cut off your 4G or even your smartphone. For all those for whom these gestures prove to be too drastic and resemble a suffocating dive in apnea, Meta now offers another option (at least in the Anglo-Saxon world): for a few days, users from the United United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Canada can request a little quiet from their followers by activating a “Quiet Mode” on Instagram. “Quiet Mode on Instagram turns off notifications and sends an auto-reply when someone directs you, so you can focus on things like driving or studying“, clarified Meta. This passage in “Quiet Mode” is also indicated in public, with a mention displayed in the bio. Your contacts will know that they should not overwhelm you with messages. Tested in the Anglo-Saxon world, this new feature is not yet available here.

This Quiet Mode particularly targets the youngest. As Meta spokesperson Liza Crenshaw explained, at The Verge websitethe app will prompt teens to turn on the mode after passing “a specific amount of time on Instagram late at night“, in order to limit at this time their social interactions, and potentially, their time on screens. However, the period after which this recommendation will appear has not been specified.

Reduce the impact on the mental health of the youngest

The arrival of Quiet Mode seems to be a new response from Meta to the many criticisms affecting social networks, and in particular Instagram. In 2021, internal documents released by a whistleblower revealed that the digital giant had found that Instagram was aggravating the body image problems of one in three girls, and that some teenage girls were addicted to it.

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In 2022, a French study also showed that social networks impacted the mental health of very many young people. This Quiet Mode therefore joins other tools already deployed presented as ways to fight against these deleterious effects. In early January, Instagram and Facebook announced that advertisers could no longer target teenagers based on their gender on these platforms.

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