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(AOF) – Danone today announced a global action plan to reduce methane emissions from its fresh milk supply chain by 30% in absolute terms by 20301, the equivalent of 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030. This ambitious plan is in line with the progress already made by Danone in recent years, with a reduction of around 14% in its methane emissions between 2018 and 2020.

As a leader in the dairy products category, Danone is determined to play its part in reducing methane emissions, focusing on the following points: supporting dairy farmers in implementing regenerative farming practices and the development of innovative solutions; collaborate and partner with peers, governments and organizations like Environmental Defense Fund to develop innovation, accountability and advance funding models; and engage with governments to improve methane policies, data and information dissemination, support research and funding, and facilitate the transition to regenerative dairy practices.

By making this commitment today, Danone is the first food group to set a specific methane emissions reduction target and to comply with the ambitions of the Global Methane Pledge launched during COP26. Danone will report on its methane emissions as part of its extra-financial communication.

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