Today it is the famous “soft skills” that make good sales people

For nearly two years, the impact of Covid-19 has done a lot of damage to many companies. Faced with this situation, mobilizing your sales force requires a lot of tact.

For Mohamed Bennouna, Managing Director of F2V Morocco, the current crisis will once again put salespeople under pressure, but also allow candidates to reveal their potential and their value for structures. Explanations.

• Many companies suffer from a lack of salespeople, what is your current observation?
Three trends have been combined for several years. The sale has bad press in Morocco and elsewhere. Our students don’t want to do it, it’s not a royal course. The best are oriented towards finance, entrepreneurship or marketing. New arrivals on the labor market are becoming increasingly rare, while companies have had more and more needs in recent years.
It must be said that there are few good sales schools in Morocco. Business schools are becoming management schools and abandoning programs dedicated to sales. Companies do not have the time to invest in training, because the time of salespeople directly impacts the business. Therefore, it is difficult to find well-trained profiles.
It must also be said that the profession has evolved profoundly over the past ten years. The market has gone digital and buyers have become more professional. Today, it is the famous “soft skills” that make the ….

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