Tomer Sisley reveals what TF1 did to prevent him from going to France 2!

This Monday, January 16, France 2 will offer the end of Vortex, the series with Tomer Sisley. A series in which he could not have played if he had listened to… TF1! We will explain everything to you.

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The grand finale is approaching. This Monday, January 16, France 2 offers the last two episodes of its event series Vortex (our opinion). Viewers should finally know who killed Melanie (played by Camille Claris, whom France 2 hesitated to recruit) in 1998. A series that fascinated 4.31 million curious – i.e. 21.3% of the public present in front of their television screen – when it was launched, then 3.17 million viewers on average the following week, facing the novelty of TF1 Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec.

“On paper, Vortex was a bit scary!”

In the casting in the first role, an actor particularly appreciated by the general public: Tomer Sisley. The latter confided in Télé-Loisirs on this role which surprised him a little at first. “On paper, it was a little scary!” he explained to us. “But the bigger the challenge, the more it excites me.” A role for which he had to be physically transformed since he plays it at two different times, some twenty years apart! “To make the 1998 Ludo believable, I first started by remembering the guy I was at 25.”, remembers the actor. “I worked on the gaze, the gestures and my face was digitally rejuvenated in post-production.“As for Captain Béguin in 2025, the actor has passed through the expert hands of make-up artists and hairdressers, a real challenge for him!:”For sixty days, when the days were already heavy, I had to wake up two hours earlier to have my wig put on and a false beard stuck on me hair by hair: a real challenge for me!, he jokes. “The advantage is that it immersed me in the role immediately: as soon as I left the HMC (dressing room, make-up, hairdressing, editor’s note), I was Ludo in 2025: it was a real crutch!”.

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TF1 has offered me a ton of projects so that I don’t go to France 2″

In the end, it is clear that the team’s magic trick works, and that Tomer Sisley plays his role (his!) from start to finish. However, the latter could never have played Ludo. Indeed, the actor – which we will find in a few days in the new and final season of Balthazar – told us that the front page tried everything to keep him there: “The idea with Vortex is obviously to do something other than in Balthazar”. And to add:TF1 offered me a ton of projects so that I wouldn’t go to France 2, but it was impossible to refuse such a challenge.“And it’s not the fans of the series who are going to complain about it.

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