Tottenham: Antonio Conte visited Buckingham Palace after Queen’s death

The Tottenham coach has revealed he joined the crowd outside the Royal Palace to pay tribute to the Queen of England.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has caused great emotion in the United Kingdom, even among football players, whether they are British or not.

“I’m a normal person with a heart”

Antonio Conte has explained how he felt compelled to pay his respects to the Queen when news of her passing was confirmed on Thursday.

“What has happened in England in recent days is a shock,” said the Italian. “She was 96 and for me, honestly, it was very hard to believe she was dead: in your mind, you think the queen is immortal.

“I live in London and on Fridays there is an atmosphere and I went to Buckingham Palace like a normal person – because I am a normal person with a heart – to experience this situation because I am sure that I will remember it for the rest of our lives.

“And then the Premier League made the important decision to quit and showed great respect for death. I will hold that in my heart and in my mind for the rest of my life.”

Many tributes from the world of football

Conte has become the latest footballing figure to pay tribute to the Queen. In the days following his passing, a host of players and managers, including David Beckham, Pele and Gareth Southgate, posted messages of support on social media.

Conte was speaking to the media ahead of Spurs’ Champions League game against Sporting CP on Tuesday.

Tottenham’s Premier League game against Leicester is on Saturday, although some London fixtures have been postponed due to events surrounding the Queen’s funeral.


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