Trackmania will return to consoles in 2023

The remake of Trackmania Nations soberly named Trackmania is announced on consoles and on certain cloud gaming platforms. Accessible in free-to-play on PC since 2020, the game is in its eighth seasonal campaign on this platform. For those who do not know the franchise at all, we remind you that the title imagined by the developers of Nadeo offers ultra-nervous racess, both in online multiplayer and single player, against player ghosts.

Like any good community game, user-created tracks are shareable. Clubs, customizations and special campaigns are also on the agenda. Trackmania is therefore intended to be ultra competitive and social… if you want to invest in one of the Season Passes to get the most out of the gaming experience. Free-to-play currently offers access to the seasonal campaign with 25 new tracks every 3 months, ranked mode, arcade mode, and Royal and super Royal modes.

Trackmania is now expected for 2023 on consoles, and therefore on Xbox.

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