Trinity Trigger – The modern Secret of Mana is coming to Europe

Unless you follow the news of Japanese games closely, it is very likely that you have missed out on Trinity Trigger. However, the title of Three Rings Design has everything to catch the eye of Japanese RPG fans. Indeed, we find to the credit several people who have proven themselves in the industry such as Yuki Nobuteru (Chrono Cross), Raita Kazama chara design (Xenoblade Chronicles X), Yura Kubota to the scenario (Octopath Traveler) and Hiroki Kikuta to composition (Secret of Mana).

Trinity Trigger is therefore a role-playing game in which three young heroes will have the mission to save the continent of Trinitia. To do this, they will be accompanied by Triggers, cute creatures with the ability to transform into different weapons (sword, axe, spear, bow, etc.). An ability that will prove very useful to fight the many enemies who will stand before our young elected officials. The clashes promise to be interesting enough by encouraging us to diversify our approaches according to the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents.

A classic pitch that will be carried by a rather dynamic gameplay, very inspired by productions of the genre of the 90s, Secret of Mana in mind. It will also be possible to experience this quest alone or accompanied by two friends. The title should not revolutionize its genre but, given the pedigree of its creators, could be a kind of best-of productions of the SNES era.. And then when there are evil gods to slay, we must respond present, at least in theory.

Expected for next September 15 on Japanese soil, Trinity Trigger has just been confirmed for release on PS4, PS5 and Switch and PC in Europe and the United States for early 2023. For the occasion, a trailer presenting the main lines of the title was released by XSEED Games, responsible for localization in English. Are we dealing here with a J-RPG between tradition and modernity? In any case, we feel that this is the objective. The final result remains to be seen in a few months.

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