Trolley, precious cups, shaker… The perfect kit to create your decorative “bar cart”

It’s the lifestyle obsession of the moment: having your liquor cart at home. Nothing could be simpler, just follow this shopping list.

A retro trolley

A vintage sideboard, the right option as the basis of the bar cart. Tasteful

There are models vintage very regularly at Debongout, like this table with big wheels renamed Henriette.

229 € on

A sculptural ice bucket

Too long despised, the ice bucket is finally rehabilitated. Christofle

In silver plated, the Christofle Malmaison ice bucket is sumptuous. It is the centerpiece of the bar cart.

815 €, Christofle

faceted whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses to also serve cocktails. Riedel

No bars worth their salt without whiskey tumblers. We love them with a look a bit Art Nouveau. And if they are perfect for tasting whiskey, they will also be very useful for serving cocktails.

€24.90, Riedel

An elegant whiskey decanter

A whiskey decanter that can be turned into a liquor decanter. Schott-Zwiesel

In glass, nicely carved with trapezoidal motifs, reminiscent of tall grass in motion, this carafe with whiskey Basic Bar Motion can also be turned into a liqueur carafe.

€129.95, Schott-Zwiesel

A Japanese shaker

Made of glass with a diamond pattern, this Japanese shaker is a real eye-catcher. The bartender’s shop

Smaller in size than shakers traditional (40 cl), the Yarai Glass Cobbler 3-piece shaker can only be used to prepare one cocktail at a time. It is made in Japan by an expert in fine glassware. Its luxurious glass bottle that features a diamond pattern is crowned with an integrated strainer and a polished stainless steel stopper.

€111, The bartender’s shop

Precious champagne glasses

Harcourt 1841 cups are icons of the crystal factory. Baccarat

In terms of precious glasses and cups, obviously, the reference is Baccarat with in particular his legendary Harcourt 1841 cups with their red button that will be proudly displayed in his mobile liquor bar.

590 €, the 2 cuts, Baccarat

A collection of designer glasses

There’s a Joe Colombo Sferico glass for every occasion. Karakter / Silvera

To properly serve all kinds of drinks to your guests, we offer ourselves different models from the Sferico collection of glasses designed by Joe Colombo in 1968 and published today by Karakter. Water, long drink, wine, beer, juice, champagne glasses… There is a Sferico glass with a geometric line for all occasions.

From €26 each on

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.


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