Twitch: meeting with Poachimpa, Rocket League pro player and organizer of the Poachi Clash!

How did you come up with the idea for Poachi Clash? Have you had the creation of this vent in mind for a long time?
The idea dates from a year and a half ago, I was tired of only playing Rocket League in my corner, I wanted to make other games and share it with other people. Last year we did the PoachiClash 1 and I participated. This year, we saw bigger and I became a casteur [commentatrice]but I don’t restrict myself to only casting or acting, I like both.

I always have lots of solo projects and lots of event ideas, but this one is both the most complex and the most accomplished.

Were you alone to organize the event? How to rally sponsors and big names in French-speaking streaming?
Behind the PoachiClash, there is what we like to call the Pcorp, 2 co-organizers and a dozen administrator-moderators. I am very far from being alone on the event, we have been working on it since August 2022 for a report in January 2023, with almost full-time on the 3 organizers since November.

There are also service providers for everything related to visuals, editing, communication. To gather a team of streamers, I started by contacting my friends Lutti, Wingobear, Gaspow, Falkalive and, from this group, I was able to convince others to join us, and sponsors to trust us on 5000€ . I even had the support of Twitch who put us forward during the vent. Overall, on Twitch, many are open to changing projects.

How did you manage the stress for such an event?
I was very stressed upstream for the end of the organization and especially during the Christmas holidays. The biggest difficulty I encountered was the management of streamers who, sometimes, are unreachable or unreliable.

On D-Day, everything was so organized, I knew that my co-organizers had planned everything, there was no major risk.

I was a little scared because I didn’t know some games very well, but the casters were specialists and deciphered the games very well, so I was just there to have a good time and animate.

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