Twitter deliberately blocked third-party apps like TweetBot

A strange soap opera that continues on the side of Twitter, which has finally spoken on the issue of third-party applications.

Here is A few days that some customers providing access to Twitter have had their access key to the social network’s API revoked. There followed a deafening silence, during which many had imagined that the “failure” was intentional. A prediction now proven, as Twitter finally indicated yesterday at the end of the day.

Rules out of the magic hat

In a terse tweet, the social network finally spoke out to confirm the fears of developers working on third-party clients for accessing Twitter. ” Twitter enforces its rules [d’accès] to the API that have been around for a long time. Some apps may stop working as a result. »

We will not know more… and neither will the main interested parties. In response to this tweet, many are racking their brains as to how, exactly, their (sometimes 10-year-old) app is suddenly breaking rules.” that have been around for a long time “.

A blur that The Verge does not hesitate to attribute to the dismissal of the internal team dedicated to communication, and which would only serve to save time. Practices to which we have unfortunately become accustomed over the past few months; Twitter in the era of its new boss Elon Musk being customary for 180° turns.

Two weights, two measures

Only this admission on the part of Twitter does not tell us either why certain applications (Albatross, Fenix ​​on iOS) continue to function without incident, whereas they offer functionalities very similar to Tweetbot or Twitterific.

Contacted by The Verge, Paul Haddad, co-creator of Tweetbot and one of the strongest voices on this subject, explains that he has not obtained any concrete information from Twitter. ” We were never contacted by anyone at Twitter. If there are rules in place for 10 years that we don’t respect, we would like to know what they are so that we can comply. »

The most rational explanation would be that Twitter no longer accepts that its users go through other services to access their account – in particular so that they and they no longer escape advertising. A potential “shortfall” for Musk’s company, which has probably been in financial difficulty for a few months. Overnight, we learned that the company’s headquarters in San Francisco has several rent arrears, and would begin to part with furniture to pay off his debt.

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